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The Man From Formation – Darken You With My Presence EP

Here’s an absolute gem of 93 darkside … as far as Formation stuff goes, this is one of my favorites, and the fact that it’s not super rare and all 4 tracks are strong makes it pretty much a buy-on-sight record. Gachet even had a mix where he played 3 of the 4 tracks within the span of 45 mins or so.. a good indication of not only how good the tunes are but the fact that they’re reasonably distinctive. The two I’m posting here are my overall favorites, leaving the “screaming” track mentioned on discogs out for those dedicated enough to track the full thing down!

Man From Formation – Darken You With My Presence A1
Man From Formation – Darken You With My Presence B1

8 Replies to “The Man From Formation – Darken You With My Presence EP”

  1. wow, these are beauties indeed! i think i’ll fork out the dough for a copy next payday. never really explored the F Project label either. now i will have to. thanks!

  2. A1 is the track for me….when the vocals kick in – it just sounds so violent….. like a horror film that builds up the tension and then goes into full on splatter….. love it!

  3. Glad you both like, yeah there are some gems on F Project -if you like this one you might want to check out “Oz Beat” or “Return of Oz Beat” (the latter one at least used to be a lot cheaper and easier to find, not sure if that’s still the case… and is probably the stronger of the two)… kind of similar melody to the B1 track here.

  4. I’ve always loved this EP, bought it when it came out back in 93 and it still retains that special something. There were some brilliant releases on F Project, such as the Nexus and blowback ones, fourth dimension and the Inovator volume 1. I thinkt he only disappointing ones are probably the last 1 or 2 in the catalogue.
    Good post 🙂

  5. Awwwwww yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! I always thought the title of this one was brilliant but I’d never heard it before. Always love a bit of that Fat Boys sample. Good old DJ SS, he must have been in the studio non-stop…

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