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Plasmic Life feat Alistar – Death Trip

On to some more serious dark stuff, here’s an early Tech Itch track from Brain Records… almost as dark and heavy as his later skullstep stuff. “Death Trip” includes some dialogue from a Steven Segal movie along with chopped amens and massive bass drops. Not too many elements, from the get-go Mark seemed to have a knack for making stuff hit as hard as possible, from the early T.I.C. singles through to his tech step stuff. Really though, the vocal sample makes the track and is what sticks in your head the most..

Plasmic Life Feat Alistair – Death Trip

3 Replies to “Plasmic Life feat Alistar – Death Trip”

  1. Alistar wrote ‘Sphere’ on this ep (I know cos he’s my boy..)
    Not sure why Mark gets a credit for that one.

  2. I remember getting this choon of a Brian B it was a bit warped but still liked it.. Still got it. Got loads of whites of him at the time we go back a few years.

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