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Devnull – BTTO Radio Sept 20th 2015 (Darkside)

Here’s my set from Sunday, rerecorded the next day after the show… I tried recording live but my machine froze up. It seemed to go into sleep mode during Tim’s set, and stopped recording 🙂 That sounds like a terrible joke at Tim’s expense, but I swear it’s true! (need to sort the sleep mode settings on it). Anyone with Tim’s set, please get in touch and I’ll post it.

For this set though, you get lots of dark stuff, a number of what I consider big darkside tunes as well as lots of underrated / obscurities / etc. I’ve already done 3 or 4 of these shows over the past couple years, so I’m still trying to eek out the last tunes I haven’t played regularly (much as I love the classics by T+R et al).

Redacted a few of the tracklist items since I’ve got a feeling this will be a niche set and not hugely popular, was giving ID’s as requested during the show anyway. If a number of people reallly like it and ask about the tunes I’ll fill em in though.
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Chalke – Resurrection

OK, been a bit slack on the individual tune posts so here’s an absolute c-l-a-s-s-i-c to make up for it. This is a one-off EP made famous by Bukem playing it in one of his Best Yaman tapes Hardcore vol 11. The flipside was also in a previous Yaman tape (Hardcore Vol 9), but I think this is the track that most people know and prefer. On one hand, “Resurrection” has got all the trappings of a 93 darkside gem – moody synths, horror movie samples (the aforementioned “Demon Resurrection” line from Evil Dead), and rolling amens. At the same time though, the track moves back and forth from outright horror movie style orchestral music to a more vibey, uplifting, deep sort of “darkside” sound – the kind which doesn’t sound “dark” in the traditional sense of the word, but more just deep and proto-intelligent and in contrast to fun bouncy ravestab pianofest stuff which preceded it in 92.

The only minor downside to this tune is the somewhat strange low fi nature of the beats (maybe “overblown” is the right word?), but the nice rolling nature of the beats fits the melody perfectly, and it’s a perfect example of vibes easily winning out over technical prowess or clinical production. And if you can’t suspend disbelief about a minor production issue in light of an overall great tune, oldskool probably isn’t the music style for you 🙂 All in all, a big big tune I listen to and spin a lot, worth tracking down despite the moderately large price tag.

Chalke – The Resurrection

Free Halloween Darkside Comp featuring FX, Tim Reaper, Sully & more

A couple weeks ago during my radio show, someone (Paweł?) asked if there was going to be a blog to the oldskool darkside mix for Halloween this year.
That got me wondering if, rather than just doing a set, I could pull together an entire compilation in time the holiday. I sent out a few emails seeing if anyone was interested, and 12 days later here’s the result: an 11 track free bandcamp compilation featuring a practical “who’s who” of throwback darkside jungle. All unreleased tunes, several written especially for the comp. What’s more, the last track was actually produced in 1993 by a well known jungle producer and two of his friends, but never completed / never released until now – a bonafide piece of long-lost darkside history!

To download the comp, click the “download” link below or visit

Big thanks to all the artists featured on the comp for contributing tracks. Apologies to any artists I may have missed contacting, or contacted too late for them to find a track… next year!
Finally, massive and large thanks to Macc at Subvert Central Mastering, who, due to the crazy time constraints of the release, managed to master the entire comp in one epic length session less than a day before release.

QDT – The Cool Tip B1

Here’s a SERIOUS personal fav dark hardcore gem which is somewhat overlooked in my view. The EP this tune is featured on is a bit hard to find, as is the Rhythm Rebel EP I posted on this label a while back. luckily this tune was also featured on a cheap and easy to find Kickin CD comp, Techno Nations (listed there under the EP name). The track itself is a 4/4 stomper with crunchy 8 bit breaks, ominous pads, choir vocals and that classic “power of darkness” sample – all elements which would fit comfortably in a 92 darkside tune, but supposedly this one was released one year earlier? (edit: a few people have corrected me on this and it seems like it did indeed come out in 92) It’s also at a nice tempo range (high 140’s) which means it’s good for mixing with faster harder techno as well. Actually, I kind of wish I had thought to put this in my Jungle/Techno mix a few months back. Either way, def one to track down!

QDT – The Cool Tip EP B1

Fallout – Lullaby

Here’s a fun tune that pops up for cheap fairly often, which I finally nabbed recently. It’s produced by DJ Fallout, of “Storm Warning” and many excellent collab tunes with Tango fame. In fact, this track features the same ominous pads used in Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos, a quite well known and in demand darkside track. However, while that tune goes in at a brisk somewhat stompy pace, this one holds back a bit and instead layers in a nice piano line, giving it a bit more of a stripped down feel. I can’t say I remember hearing this in any particular sets, but admittedly my mix knowledge isn’t up to snuff. Feel free to leave a comment if you remember it from any particularly notable ones!

Fair warning: there’s a lot of noise on these intros due to my copy not being in the best condition (and despite looking scratch free). I tried giving the record a good cleaning before recording it in but it seems to be fairly embedded in dust or dirt? Oh well, more motivation to track down your own copy at the link below….

Fallout – Lullaby

Radio Frontline Darkside set 10/4/2014

Here’s one of two netradio sets I did this weekend. This first one was on Radio Frontline, and was the first darkside set I’ve played in a while. I tried to alternate between really obscure unknown tracks and well known classic stuff, so hopefully just when it’s getting too anorak a familiar tune pops in (if you’re familiar with darkside anyway). To be honest I haven’t even listened back yet, mixing was ropey at times but the tunes more than make up for it! Some serious “wtf is THAT?” type selections (at least to my taste), alongside big well known darkside tunes like Bloodclat Artattack, Liquid Aliens , etc.
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Bounty Killaz (Pulse and Wax Doctor) – Unreleased 93 Darkside tune

Here’s a big pre-xmas present from Creative Wax Recordings aka DJ Pulse of Bounty Killaz, 4 Mega, Dance Conspiracy, Inception etc etc. Bounty Killaz was a project between him and Wax Doctor which did some of the all-time great darkside jams like “Silent Voices” (my personal fav). The Bounty Killaz EPs are all great, with the first three being especially essential in my opinion: those three perfectly nail that dark, murky, filtered reece + amen heavy darkside sound which seems to be all the rage these days. This track is ripped straight off an old cassette tape, but still sounds great! It’s not every day a full tune from this era actually makes it to the web and is just given away, so big big big respect to these guys for posting it, and to whoever clued me into this tune (I think it was Tim or Nebkins). Be sure to check their releases for sale on Digital as well as their 3 great releases on Bandcamp, including more unreleased tunes from back-in-the-day.
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Mr Mix & Terroreyes – Darkness

With the renewed interest in darkside lately, here’s a longtime favorite I don’t hear spun or talked about much… Mr Mix + Terroreyes (no idea about the people behind those alises) did three great singles: two on Face2Face (presumably their label) and one on Dove (whose other releases were similarly dark 93-94 type tunes). Both sides of this are proper sinister 93 numbers, with this track being the more of a stompy 4/4-ish number containing feel-bad pads and dark acidy bits. This definitey is’t just “dark” in some early 90’s “intelligent deep vibey / not cheesy and euphoric” sense, it’s a seriously moody, sinister tune overall. The other side (“The Dream”) has a similar feel but combines MLK quotes with furiously chopped Brain Records-esque amens.

Mr Mix & Terroreyes – Darkness