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Assorted 93-94 Jungles

Here’s a few tracks of nice 93-94 choppy jungle.
This first one I have no idea about – found it in a Bristol record shop and it was labelled as being by “slipmatt”, but I think that was just because it has the same catalog # as awesome records #1 (SL2 “the noise”), which is by Slipmatt. No info on the author anywhere I could find on the net, if anyone knows anything drop me a line. It’s got the Eddie Bo “Lover and a Friend” break (one of my favorites, as heard in “in complete darkness”) chopped up with an amen, and some interesting atmospherics.
Note: this has since been identified as Harmony & Xtreme – Red, and is has been reissued by Deep Jungle Records

Unknown Artist – AA
This second track is from a weird white label release by Pugwash…. good twisted stuff

Probe & Pugwash – Dominion

This final track is by Aphrodite and DJ Phantasy, recording under the name “Urban Wax” (“Liquid Wax” + “Urban Shakedown”). It’s top notch choppy 94 jungle that goes for nothing, so buy a copy you cheap bastard!

Urban Wax – Take Me Up (Remix)

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