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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – July 14th, 2013 (91 Special)

Here’s last Sunday’s radio show… managed to dig up some fun early tunes for this. There were a few shaky minutes since I don’t know some of these tracks that well (I don’t play 91 much), so I cut them out, along w/ 2 record skips, but didn’t rerecord anything. Still definitely worth checking, aside from the more well known tunes I think I threw in a couple of curve balls / quality lesser known tracks.

Devnull – Blog to the Oldskool July 14 2013

Lennie De Ice – We R IE
Mike Woods – Flashback
Insomnia – Raise the Roof
Blapps Posse – Bust It (Time to Get Busy)
EZE-OZO – How to Stay Alive
Shaft – Untitled (Techno Hallacaust EP)
Fozbee & Cooz – Chamber of Dreams
Toxic – Original Style (X-Clusive Remix)
Schedule 3 – Break U Down
Timebase – Fireball
Soundclash – The Psychotic Psychiatric
Space Work – ????
Subject 13 – The Promise
Cosmic Journey Project – OK
Austin – I Get High (Munchies Mix)
Rebel MC – Tribal Base (Concrete Mix)
MK13 – Sensory Deception
Tripper – Tripper’s Revenge
MI7 – Rockin Down the House (Chop Mix)
Joey Beltram – My sound
Breakout’s – Compression
Vicious Circle – In My Heart In My Soul
Satin Storm – Satim Storm 1999
Red Shift – Tingler
Psychopaths – Nightmares
Reel Master – Child’s Play
Witchdoctor – Sunday Afternoon
Gamer 3 – Acid For Blood (Techno For Blood)
Back From Detox – E.R.B.
DD-Hass & X-Ten-Siv – Hi Tec
G Double E – Asylum Seeker
Prodigy – Android
Leo Anibaldi – Bassbar
Mashed – Spectre
Hedgehog Affair – Come on, Let’s Have Some Fun!
Stu J – Gadget
Glide – Release
DJ Reckless – Time to Make the Floor Burn
Dune – Too Much (Remix)
Manix – Feel Real Good (Remix)
Pierre Point – Major’s Last Post
Atomik – 3.0
DJ Excel – Just When You Thought it was Safe
DJ Trace – Love Dove Sound
Potential Bad Boy – Everyday Child

7 Replies to “Blog to the Oldskool Radio – July 14th, 2013 (91 Special)”

  1. Couldn’t find mike wood – flashback on discogs.Must be pretty obscure? Nice tunage.

  2. Fantastic track selection featuring many of my favourites. Will go for a listen now and report back!

  3. Great mix this… tend to forget how good the ’91 stuff is.

    I think Atomik 3.0 should be high on your post list… 🙂

  4. Thanks for this!! gonna rinse this on the way to a gig to get in the mood 🙂
    Keep the greatest blog on the net going!

  5. The second this mix ended I went AWWWWWWW, realized my car window was open, and the stranger in the car next to me looked at me like I was bananas.

    Man, what a terrific mix. I enjoyed every second. Can I get a track ID on that super hardcore Jaws killer shark track?

    We’re rockin’ down the hooooouse

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