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Made By Man on Earth – Come To Me

I’ve been slack on the individual track posts lately, definitely in a quality-not-quantity mode. So here’s another serious quality one… not a UK tune but a relatively unknown track that qualifies (at least in my mind) as a hidden gem. Out to DJ Junk on this one, as I heard it in an old mix he did. Be sure to check his website here and his soundcloud here, where has loads of great tunes both new (more b-boy break style) and old (his old hardcore tunes and mixes). Also check the tunes I’ve posted by him here,here, and here.

Back to the track at hand… “Come To Me” is a 92 dutch rave tune written by a member of Euromasters (an early dutch gabber supergroup that did the swear-tacular gabber classic ‘Alles Nar De Klote!’). This tune is basically a diss track aimed at LA Style / James Brown is Dead, as the intro makes abundantly clear. In case the scarface-meets james brown is dead intro samples weren’t clear enough, there’s also a funny sticker on the sleeve:

The track itself is great – alternating between massive rave synths as was fashionable in Belgian/Dutch tunes of the time, and some heavy tribal-ish drums and bells reminiscent of Atom Heart “Whitehouse”. Production is top notch, definitely no bedroom production here! Just listening to this track made me realize how much dutch and belgian stuff I’ve been neglecting while focusing on strictly breakbeat-y uk tunes… gottta remedy that soon!

Made By Man On Earth – Come to Me

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  1. Great tune! Yeah, I’ve been getting into the Euro sound myself recently…. some terrific stuff out there. Belgium and Holland definitely had the edge production-wise in my opinion. The UK was great at ideas, but Belgium and Holland managed to get such rich full sounds. Absolutely love all those labels – HitHouse, Midtown, and the mighty R&S. PCP from Germany needs an honorary mention too!

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