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91 Whitelabels

Assuming the “tag cloud” feature on here is to be trusted, I’ve been posting lots of 92 and later stuff recently. Here’s a couple of 91 favorites.

This first one I just got on my recent trip to Europe… It’s a wicked 1991 white label with really solid production and tons of changeups / choppy programming, especially considering it’s a 91 tune. The “OK” vocal sample is also used in the Overnite – Time Has Come, another essential 91 track.

Cosmic Journey Project – OK

This next track I ripped 4-5 years ago (hence the lower bitrate). No idea about the artist.

Silk Cut – Don’t You Wanna Go

2 Replies to “91 Whitelabels”

  1. lol – I bought that Silk Cut track when it came out – its weird hearing it on a blog – i thought I was the only person with that record ! – i remember i picked up with some weird lo-prod ragga- jungle tune – i need to dig that out – i bought them from Naked Records in london – thanks great blog bring back lots of memories was 21 back in 1991!

  2. OH BOY!!!! “Silk Cut โ€“ Donโ€™t You Wanna Go” Never heard this back in the day.
    When it kicks in around 2:13 what a head rush!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!
    Wicked stuff!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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