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Wednesday grab bag

Today’s selection is kind of varied, but it’s all awesome, very cheap and easy to find stuff. In case you’re wondering why I keep bringing up the price of records, that’s my none-too-subtle way of suggesting people who read this blog consider tracking down some of these tunes on vinyl. Don’t worry, I’m not about to hit you with some sort of “support the artists” speech (though if you can find a paypal address for an artist on here, by all means send them some cash), or “vinyl vs. mp3″… buying these tunes second hand on vinyl doesn’t even help the original artist. But it kills me seeing classic jams piling up for sale on vinyl, when (at least for me) it’s so much more fun having the real record to spin.

First track is on Bass Sphere, a label that’s good for technoey 91-92 hardcore. the rest of the EP is somewhat mediocre, and this is the B2 track, so I can see why it could be overlooked. It’s a quality tune though.

Pierre Point – Major’s Last Post

Spectral “Touch Somebody” is an absolute anthem, but it seems the DJ Seduction remix (which is on a different EP than the original) gets way more attention. Here’s the main mix on the original EP, which I think is just as strong.

Spectral – Touch Somebody (Cerebral Mix)

Also, here’s the Seduction remix, not my rip (I don’t have the record), so it’s 128kb… it’s a good track, with the scratching from Sonz of a Loop Da Loop “far out”, but I can’t say I see the big deal about it. Still, if someone wants to hook me up with a vinyl copy of it, I certainly wouldn’t say no…
Spectral – Touch Somebody (Seduction Remix)

This final track might be too well-known to post (Smart Systems = Future Sound of London alias) but it’s a longtime favorite of mine and EVERYONE needs to know this track. It’s on my mind today since I heard a local Boston DJ drop it last night, which made my night…

Smart Systems – Tingler

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  1. Smart Systems, “Tingler” what a great tune! There’s a remix of this that’s harder and has some crazy rapping over it. One of my favorite hardcore tunes ever! Thanks for posting this.

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