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Shaft – Techno Hallacaust EP

Here’s an early track by Shaft, aka Mark Pritchard of Global Communication and Adrian of The Anthill Mob… they’re better known for their “Ruhbarb and Custard EP” on FFRR, which was one of the better toytown tunes of 91/92. No childrens themes on this EP though, just some rough early hardcore!! Pretty skeletal in structure but heavy as anything with nice squelchy synths and vocoded electro vox backed by both drum machine drums and a subtle beatboxing breakbeat. Heavy stuff, also a pretty cheap and plentiful EP to pick up.

Shaft – Techno Hallacaust A1

5 Replies to “Shaft – Techno Hallacaust EP”

  1. Do you think you could pin a date on a release coming out/party tunes played at/producers beginning to write.. that would be the ‘birth date’ of jungle music? I know arguments go back further than 1991 but for 1991’s sake, what date would you say?

    Just thinking, as Jung’s turned 21 now 🙂

    Would be nice to have a birthday party for it, at least on some good anniversaries 🙂

  2. Hey, do you know if this is played at the right speed?

    I found a rip of the whole EP on Soulseek, but it plays much faster.

    And do you have the whole EP? 🙂

  3. Sorry just saw this… usually I record stuff at +0% unless I mention otherwise. Coudl be the other thing is recorded the wrong speed? or it’s a different pressing / diff versions of the tunes?

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