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G Double E – Asylum Seeker

Anyone who buys a fair bit of oldschool has most likely seen the name G Double E around – their B-Line from Hell single seems to turn up whenever I’m looking for hardcore EPs. I’ve got that EP, but aside from the cool artwork by a member of Genaside II, I far prefer this single.

“Asylum Seeker” is chock full of quality samples with a ton of different parts that seem to get thrown at you every 8 or 16 bars for at least the first 3 minutes or so. The cut up hip hop vocals seem pretty ahead of their time, if this track was indeed released in 91 like discogs claims. It’s a fairly long track, but the changing parts and numerous breakdowns mean there’s plenty of good points to mix out of.

Aside from this EP and “B-line from hell”, G Double E did a decent single on Jumpin and Pumpin, and This somewhat strange Prince remix EP. I’ve got that EP, and even though it seemed promising on paper (obscure Prince hardcore remix single with one of the better track titles I’ve seen in ages?? count me in), it ended up not being that interesting or great. Plus, at 10 minutes for the vocal version and 8 minutes for the instrumental, both tunes seem to go on forever. Strangely enough, Prince’s My Name is Prince EP featured several mixes with hardcore samples in them – the “Hard Core Mix” samples DMS – Exterminate, and the “12” Club mix” samples Smart Systems – The Tingler.

G Double E – Asylum Seeker

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