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Deja Vu / 786 Recordings

Two of my favorite 90-92 labels which not many people seem to care about are Deja Vu and its affiliate label 786 Recordings. In particular, releases by Naz Khan and David Hope under various names/combinations: Naz Aka Naz, Recall, Mind of Kane, Dread, etc.

One thing which makes these labels so fun is that, for the most part, the earlier records in their catalog can be picked up for peanuts on discogs/ebay. Listening back to the tunes now, it’s understandable why they might not be everyone’s cup of tea: buzzing and distorted synths, frantic harsh sounds without much in the way of catchy pianos or anything happy. However, given that a lot of popular dance music has moved in that direction (distorted portamento synths being the new “rock guitar”), I’m suprised we haven’t seen more of an interest in some of these tunes.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Mind of Kane – Stabbed In The Back
Absolutely great track – frantic beats, nasty bass and synth work. The track starts off heavy enough, but just wait until the super distorted synth drops in at 1 min…

Dread – Quantum Leap (b)

Dread – Quantum Leap (a)

This is a really fun single. On the B side, you get an absolutely smashing classic mentasm-sampling tune, suitable for playing alongside any big 91 style tunes. On the A side, you get a really strange/ crazy sounding track which borders on experimental music. At one point in the tune (1:38), the synth lead breaks down into some ridiculous fast portamento thing that sounds like the synths jumping off the keyboard and running down the street naked and screaming. Not a track I would rush to play out, but certainly an interesting and cool tune.

M.U.M. – The Water Paradox
Another nice single with buzzing synths, heavy breaks, etc. Also, another EP that goes for peanuts. Discogs doesn’t have any artist info for MUM (Mass Underground Movement), and my record doesn’t say anything since it’s a white label… but based on its similarity, I’d bet this was probably the work of either Naz Khan or David Hope.

6 Replies to “Deja Vu / 786 Recordings”

  1. cool, that’s a good one, never managed to nab a copy though… if you ever find a double, I’ll trade ya : )

  2. Two top labels – most known for Stabbed In The Back on DJV, and Started Again on 786.

    Quantum Leap is fun indeed – had this on a white for years until finding out what it is. The ‘Insomnia’ side with its Mentasm workout, and the ‘Energy’ side was like nothing else I’d ever heard at the time – towards the end it’s just manic 😀

    Two Undercover – Unite is a 92 fave on DJV, as is Virtual Reality – Make Some Noise on 786.

    DJV’s first release is also one of my fave ‘second summer of love’ era tunes – the first press of Plus One – Its Happenin 🙂

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