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Mind Therapy – Boss EP

I’m always on the hunt for old tracks with THE most mashed up, choppy, interesting break patterns, especially ones that don’t fall back on an amen/think combo but instead layer up a bunch of lesser known breaks into tasty polyrhythm lasagna.

Probably my favorite record in this style is Mind Therapy “The Boss EP”. I remember finding this EP for $2 or so in the bargain bin of a Boston DNB store (4 Front / Knowname – RIP). I was having an uneventful day record buying-wise, asked the store owner about it and he said “oh, that’s just some old stuff”. I put it on the turntable and my head promptly exploded SCANNERS style. Super chopped and layered breaks, really fast for the time, nice familiar samples, an all around excellent record. The first track on the EP is my favorite, great super choppy drums and an awesome breakdown using a sample from “Harder They Come”. The second track is also top notch. B side doesn’t hold up quite as well but has some nice reggae sampling on the first tune.

Mind Therapy – Boss Song
Mind Therapy – Ecstacy is Safe

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