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Trans Vexed – Rambo

Another unknown gem / personal fav I feel a bit reluctant to publicly share.. gotta put this one up though since I think it’ll appeal in particular to some friends and regular supporters of this blog. I’m always on the lookout for the fastest, craziest, most mashed up early hardcore/jungle tracks I can find. While this tune is far from the craziest, it’s definitely a step in the right direction! Frantically layered breakbeats, ragga vocals + gunshots (as Nebbers pointed out in the comments, from Ackie – Call me Rambo), plus extra bleep sounds all fire away at a steady pace, followed by a sinister melody added in the second half of the tune and some nice phasing on the breaks (possibly done by doubling the break sample up with a slightly shorter duration version as was the trick back then). Though I’d be happy if it was even crazier and had more breakbeat changeups, this is a really nice lesser known slice of manic hardcore junglism. The track’s production is also surprisingly sharp, as most Deja Vu / 786 stuff has a certain degree of “grimeyness” to it. Honestly you could probably add a think break underneath this and treat it as a slightly more fi 94 ragga jungle tune!

Trans Vexed – Rambo.mp3

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