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Recall – King of Rock

A friend borrowed my turntable needles so I haven’t been able to rip vinyl for the past few days. Therefore, here’s a track off a CD compilation. Incidentally, this comp also features the last track I posted (Raving Mad – Adrenaline), though it’s cut a minute or two short on there. This track is also 786/Deja Vu related, by Recall aka David Hope of Driller Killer EP fame. I’m pretty sure “King of Rock” was only ever released on this compilation, which is unfortunate since the vinyl version of this comp has 6 tracks per side. On the plus side, this track is at least featured in its entirety, while most other songs on the comp fade out after 4 minutes or so.

The other Recall stuff I have is from 91, but this is definitely more of a 92 tune – lots of hip hop samples, hot pants + runs house breaks trading off with 4/4 beats, not to mention gloriously grimey production ala the other 786/deja vu stuff. It’s heavily repetitive and total rave riff salad, but if either of those facts bug you then you probably already hate this website.

Recall – King of Rock

3 Replies to “Recall – King of Rock”

  1. oh that one synth is just too loud and feels like a knife in my ear but otherwise this track is awesome

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