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HMS & Fineart (Raveology)

One of my favorite things in 92-95 tunes is the variety of rhythmic patterns. In the transition from more standard drum machine programmed beats to using looped breakbeats (largely from hiphop records), some producers got seriously inventive when it came to chopping up and rearranging these breaks / layering them with other sounds. Case in point: this track by HMS & Fineart under the single-release alias “Raveology”. Big thanks to DJ Dara for giving me the ID on this one many years ago…

Raveology – Who’s The Cymbol

DJ HMS was much more well known for his hardcore/gabber live sets and his productions, which he released on his own Boscaland Recordings label. In spite of this, he did numerous other more jungle oriented releases on Little Giant under various aliases, including the highly sought after Men From Del Bosca – El-Bland-E EP. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year.

HMS & Fineart also released a single on Scott Brown’s Twisted Vinyl label in 1995. This EP was much more 4/4 hardcore oriented, but still had some breaks alongside the distorted kicks.

2 Men, 2 White Coats and an Asylum – 4 3 2 1

As an added bonus, here’s the DR. S Gachet set where I first heard that “raveology” tune:
DR S Gachet – Live At Home Studio

2 Replies to “HMS & Fineart (Raveology)”

  1. Hey.. nice shout.
    Good to see my work recognised. HMS and I did quite a bit of work.
    assault series on kill out records, gangsta trax again on killout, Ekonomix on bastard loud ( lenny dees label) and a few other bits on little giant too.

    thought id say hi after someone told me of the blog.
    was originally one of londons earlisest graffers and hung around with westwood then into early house and the scene working along side jazzy M then the uk scene really kicked in so I was orientated to lots of beats and styles.

    having thoughts of gettin back into writing choons again not done anything since 95.

    anyhow keeep up the blog!

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