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Bounty Killaz (Pulse and Wax Doctor) – Unreleased 93 Darkside tune

Here’s a big pre-xmas present from Creative Wax Recordings aka DJ Pulse of Bounty Killaz, 4 Mega, Dance Conspiracy, Inception etc etc. Bounty Killaz was a project between him and Wax Doctor which did some of the all-time great darkside jams like “Silent Voices” (my personal fav). The Bounty Killaz EPs are all great, with the first three being especially essential in my opinion: those three perfectly nail that dark, murky, filtered reece + amen heavy darkside sound which seems to be all the rage these days. This track is ripped straight off an old cassette tape, but still sounds great! It’s not every day a full tune from this era actually makes it to the web and is just given away, so big big big respect to these guys for posting it, and to whoever clued me into this tune (I think it was Tim or Nebkins). Be sure to check their releases for sale on Digital as well as their 3 great releases on Bandcamp, including more unreleased tunes from back-in-the-day.

As a bonus, here’s an unreleased tune they posted by Alex Reece from 1994, before his “Basic Principles” for Metalheadz. Be sure to follow their soundcloud to catch any future gems they may post, if they keep posting these exclusive unreleased bangers they may well put this site out of business 🙂

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