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QDT – The Cool Tip B1

Here’s a SERIOUS personal fav dark hardcore gem which is somewhat overlooked in my view. The EP this tune is featured on is a bit hard to find, as is the Rhythm Rebel EP I posted on this label a while back. luckily this tune was also featured on a cheap and easy to find Kickin CD comp, Techno Nations (listed there under the EP name). The track itself is a 4/4 stomper with crunchy 8 bit breaks, ominous pads, choir vocals and that classic “power of darkness” sample – all elements which would fit comfortably in a 92 darkside tune, but supposedly this one was released one year earlier? (edit: a few people have corrected me on this and it seems like it did indeed come out in 92) It’s also at a nice tempo range (high 140’s) which means it’s good for mixing with faster harder techno as well. Actually, I kind of wish I had thought to put this in my Jungle/Techno mix a few months back. Either way, def one to track down!

QDT – The Cool Tip EP B1

4 Replies to “QDT – The Cool Tip B1”

  1. Yeh sounds a bit early to have been released in 91 for me, tracks def sound like they could have been written in 91 though, super crusty and quite low BPM (this is probably the fastest). Absolutely killer EP regardless!

  2. Most likely late 92 if you ask me. Quick search on RollDaBeats shows Fabio playing tunes from this in October 92. Daz Saund also played this at Tribal Gathering in Aoril 93 which at the time would have been unusual to play a two year old tune.

    Who cares anyway, I like it. 😀

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