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Radio Frontline Darkside set 10/4/2014

Here’s one of two netradio sets I did this weekend. This first one was on Radio Frontline, and was the first darkside set I’ve played in a while. I tried to alternate between really obscure unknown tracks and well known classic stuff, so hopefully just when it’s getting too anorak a familiar tune pops in (if you’re familiar with darkside anyway). To be honest I haven’t even listened back yet, mixing was ropey at times but the tunes more than make up for it! Some serious “wtf is THAT?” type selections (at least to my taste), alongside big well known darkside tunes like Bloodclat Artattack, Liquid Aliens , etc.

5 Replies to “Radio Frontline Darkside set 10/4/2014”

  1. thanks for the heads up, looks like the track was corrupted on mixlr transfer… it’s been reuploaded

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