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BTTO Radio Archived Sets – August 21st 2016

Here’s last Sunday’s jungletrain sets. Both Tim and I did mostly darker/darkside type stuff, with a few other tracks mixed in. Enjoy!!

Tim Reaper

# Artist Title Label
1 Techno Bros We Are…… Techno Bros Basement Records
2 Vertigo Deep Cover Crack House Productions
3 DJ Krust Metamorphisisms
4 Tom & Jerry It Comes A Dime A Dozen EP (Side B2) Tom & Jerry
5 Pugwash & Probe The Tomb Part Two i-d Records
6 Tango Can’t Stop The Rush (93 Remix) Formation
7 Untouchables Don’t Be Afraid (Roachman Mix) Tough Toonz
8 The Anthill Mob Antology Anthill Records
9 DJ Gwange Adrenalin Legend Records
10 Edge Of Darkness Fantastic Voyage (Remix) After Dark Recordings
11 DJ Seduction Really Dark (But Not Too Dark Mix) Impact Records
12 E.K.U.D.C.M. Ultra Jungle (All Nite) Hard Disk
13 Force Mass Motion Esthisis Rabbit City
14 Cybernetic Empire Ozone Storm (Remix) Paradise Records
15 Tim Reaper ??
16 Dexxtrous The Choice Planet Earth Records
17 The Rude Boy Project Scary Symphony Sounds
18 Badd 102 All Crew Unatural Light
19 Bounty Killaz Lay Back Creative Wax
20 Harmony & Xtreme NRG Rush Lucky Spin
21 The Intelligent Jungalist Higher Ruff Guidance Records
22 A One Sound Absent Minds Motivation Records
23 Loxy & Technician Roll Call White House
24 Liquid Aliens Are You Sure I’ll Be OK Liquid Wax Recordings
25 Bizzy B & Equinox The Brain Records Crew VIP Planet Mu
26 FBD Project Terminate Bang-In-Tunes
27 Capone Black Wax EP (Track A1) Target Records
28 The Full SP Raw Basics (Tango Remix) Face Records
29 Secret Squirrel Mindwinder (The Brain Stretch) Bogwoppa
30 DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science Virtual Reality (Evil Dead Mix) Production House
31 Tim Reaper & Worldwide Epidemic Z Maze 7th Storey Projects
32 Intense The Quickening Rugged Vinyl
33 DJ Ron & E.Q.P. Crackman The Return (DJ Ron Mix) Rough Tone
34 Desired State Beyond Bass (Remix) Ram Records


# Artist Title Label
1 Andy C Something New Part 2 RAM
2 Unknown Artist So 1 Der ful Rushing Records
3 FBD Project She’s Breaking Up Bang In Tunes
4 Sub Oscillator II (B2) Adrenaline
5 Warped Kore The Power White House
6 Sy-uss And Reality Missing Link 8205 Recordings
7 Omni Trio Feel Good (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow
8 Oktiv Escapism Sound Asylum
9 Real Life The Mad Acts EP (Underground Frequency Remix) Bass Zones
10 Jim Polo & Neil Vass Underground Feeling Dark Horse
11 Dr S Gachet EXDK (Alt Dark Mix)
12 Champa B The Pulse Modified Magic
13 Overdubb Ruffplate (Ruffmix) Impact
14 Cool Hand Flex Your Risk (Remix) In Touch Recordings
15 Unknown Artist Rushing
16 Smith & Brown Life Is So Homegrown
17 Flat 47 No Man’s Land Kickin
18 ??
19 Hornchurch Hardcore Flashback Hornchurch Hardcore
20 Nasty Habits Dark Angel (Remix) Reinforced
21 Release The Jungle Deep Seven / 7th Storey
22 EQ Void Of Xtasy Formation
23 ???
24 Fourth Dimension Infection After Dark Recordings

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