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Free Halloween Darkside Comp featuring FX, Tim Reaper, Sully & more

A couple weeks ago during my radio show, someone (Paweł?) asked if there was going to be a blog to the oldskool darkside mix for Halloween this year.
That got me wondering if, rather than just doing a set, I could pull together an entire compilation in time the holiday. I sent out a few emails seeing if anyone was interested, and 12 days later here’s the result: an 11 track free bandcamp compilation featuring a practical “who’s who” of throwback darkside jungle. All unreleased tunes, several written especially for the comp. What’s more, the last track was actually produced in 1993 by a well known jungle producer and two of his friends, but never completed / never released until now – a bonafide piece of long-lost darkside history!

To download the comp, click the “download” link below or visit

Big thanks to all the artists featured on the comp for contributing tracks. Apologies to any artists I may have missed contacting, or contacted too late for them to find a track… next year!
Finally, massive and large thanks to Macc at Subvert Central Mastering, who, due to the crazy time constraints of the release, managed to master the entire comp in one epic length session less than a day before release.

2 Replies to “Free Halloween Darkside Comp featuring FX, Tim Reaper, Sully & more”

  1. Quality stuff here. I’m curious, who is the well known jungle producer under the ‘The Primal Project’ alias?

  2. they wanted to remain anonymous since the track was never really finished. If you listen to the production and some of the sounds, some tracks by that artist around then have a similar feel.

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