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Fallout – Lullaby

Here’s a fun tune that pops up for cheap fairly often, which I finally nabbed recently. It’s produced by DJ Fallout, of “Storm Warning” and many excellent collab tunes with Tango fame. In fact, this track features the same ominous pads used in Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos, a quite well known and in demand darkside track. However, while that tune goes in at a brisk somewhat stompy pace, this one holds back a bit and instead layers in a nice piano line, giving it a bit more of a stripped down feel. I can’t say I remember hearing this in any particular sets, but admittedly my mix knowledge isn’t up to snuff. Feel free to leave a comment if you remember it from any particularly notable ones!

Fair warning: there’s a lot of noise on these intros due to my copy not being in the best condition (and despite looking scratch free). I tried giving the record a good cleaning before recording it in but it seems to be fairly embedded in dust or dirt? Oh well, more motivation to track down your own copy at the link below….

Fallout – Lullaby

3 Replies to “Fallout – Lullaby”

  1. Fallout herself played it last in her set at Quest 1995.
    Remember buying it a short time later and the paper on the inner circle was really thick; almost like paper mache – hence I named it “The Tampax Tune”

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