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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – August 25th, 2013 (1992-1993)

Here’s the jungletrain radio show from two weeks ago… I forgot to press record when it was on the air, so I’ve kept the records around in a crate meaning to rerecord it in some form. It’s almost time for the next radio show so I finally gave it a quick try last night, leaving all the tracks in minus one, in the same order they were played. As usual this was done quick and in one take, so nothing fancy at all… a couple measures cut out to hide a key clash, a record skip and a few dodgey moments but otherwise as-is. On the upside, you get about 2 hours worth of nice tunes stuffed into about 80 minutes, so probably good listening if you want a guided tour of a lot of under-appreciated 92 & 93 stuff. There’s also some bigger tunes in there as well like “Bass Go Boom”, “Voice of Buddha”, “Equilibrium”, Basement Records stuff etc.

Dev/Null – Blog to the Oldskool Radio, August 25th 2013

The Anixus – Feel Good
Odd Ball – RG3
Awesome 3 – Headstrong
EPS – Follow Your Leader
Trix – When You’re With Me
A-Sides – News Flash
Phantasy – Rock Your Body
Chemical Crew – Define The Beat
3 Thieves and a Liar – In the House
DJ Eevil – Cum On
Noodles + Wonder Vol 2
Ragga Symphony
Raging Rockers – Jungle Radio
Tribal Underground – Cocaine
Skoffin Allsorts – Don’t Steal, Don’t Gamble
Dance Intelligence – Incapsulated
Greyboy – Critical Mass EP
Aurora – Voice of buddha
Cosmic Brian – Hardcore Helmet
Donovan Badboy Smith – Obsession (Yolk Remix)
Ecology – Communal Minds EP
Vocation – Equilibrium Remix
D’Cruze – Bass go Boom
PHP – Iree
Papillion – Do You Want to Party
Space Cube – Mental Terror
Hedgehog Affair – These are the Sounds of House
Autoplex – EOD
Progression – A Day in the Jungle
Q Project – freestyle Fanatic
Yardie – No Cocaine
3 Million Dollar Man – This Town
Dica & Red Ant – Jump Up Crew
3 Rude Bwoy – Rude Boy Rambo
Pharmacist – ADR13
Optical Haze – Chance to Dance
Good 2 Bad + Hugly – Fist Full of Dolllars
M-Beat – Booyaka (Lion Mix)
Underground Software – Electronic Pig
Menace Makes 3- Feel the Friction
DJ Sparks – Mentalism EP
DJ LTJ – ??
Dr Skuff – Sensi
Creative Rhythm – Give Yourself to Me
Yolk – Bish Bosh
DJ Trax – 1 Man 1 DJ
Sorcerer – Spellbound

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