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DJ Eevil – Cum On (Mix 2)

Here’s a 92 piano hardcore jam I finally picked up recently, from the great D Zone Recs camp. Although D-Zone might have been a bit better known for their earlier stuff, their slightly later tunes are hidden gems with a few being mega-rare highly sought after obscurities now. This tune is far from the rarest but it IS a really solid anthemy hardcore number. This is the “not-on-label” version but supposedly this was also issued on D-Zone itself under the alias “Tekno Too”… I don’t have that release though so I can’t compare them.

DJ Eevil – Cum On (Mix 2)

Definitely check the d-zone soundcloud page as well for loads of great classics!

Also, they have some nice looking merch for sale now… been meaning to pick up one of those hoodies or shirts!

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