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DJ Sparks – Mentalism EP

Damn, I’m too nice to you all giving up a track like this like this.. such a great mental, energetic and perfect small label 92 hardcore gem! “Assylum” mashes up bits of Tronik House’s “Mental Techno” (as used in Yaw Records, which is one of those labels that didn’t (to my knowledge) have any super well known massive tunes but was dead solid in their releases – 93 choppy amen style stuff that didn’t draw my attention much when I first heard it (usually looking for more “out there” sounds), but is good nonetheless!
I’m pretty sure I traded away or sold at one of the records on this label a few years ago, which is a shame since it’s definitely oneI could see getting a bit “completist” about. Doing so cretainly wouldn’t cost much, as just about all their EPs seem to go for quite cheap… Check out the other releases and see what I mean, nab a few!

DJ Sparks – Assylum

8 Replies to “DJ Sparks – Mentalism EP”

  1. Hi, I just came across your blogs, my bother Frank and I produced this track and still have some of the Original pressings along with the masters and can get some more pressed if you want them.
    It was not produced with bizzy b as it was produced before we met bizzy, in east London.


  2. I have most of the releases on this label (all except this one) although I know very little about it. I know Dom Fripp (aka Chaos & Julia Set/ Anthill Mob) was involved. The first couple of releases were Hardcore, the 2nd had a Techno track on the flipside and then the last 3 were good ’94-94 Ragga/ Jungle amen mashups. Would definately like to hear more of them.

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