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Natural Progression – What’s Your Name

Sorry, very little motivation to post individual tunes here anymore. Same reasons as stated before: facebook replacing blogs, all sorts of random obscurities I never thought would ever be rediscovered getting proper reissues meaning posting audio of them isn’t the one, etc. But I’ll still try to stick some real nerdy obscurities up now and then.

No idea who wrote this, it’s just a mega obscurity I ripped and decided to chuck on Youtube. Sounds 91-92ish or therabouts.

7 Replies to “Natural Progression – What’s Your Name”

  1. shame, I enjoy all your post’s and check in regurlarly.
    have you though of setting up a patreon style tier service?
    it might keep the momentum going plus it might generate a slight income

  2. Thanks @JM and @Bold Arch. Glad to see a few people still check here. Patreon is an interesting idea, but prob a nonstarter for me(not to be confused with a kickstarter hehe), as I absolutely couldn’t take money for something that involves giving away other people’s tunes in some forms. It’s not my art to charge for.

    If people are interested in youtube style posts though, I can absolutely feature tunes and maybe give more detailed writeups, sample sources and artist/label info. I just don’t know if anyone cares or if it’s all worthless without that download link. Lemme know your thoughts.

  3. youtube is appreciated!

    i just came back here looking for a track posted here from soundcloud. “killing your brain” it was a slower track. a guess an old label put all their stuff on soundcloud.

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