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JB Collective – Move Ya Body!

The past few years, it’s become harder and harder to find those last few 92-95 obscurities that don’t have any trace on sites like Discogs. I know there’s still a number of white labels out there which haven’t been listed (stuff friends or friends of friends have), but with Discogs turning 20 this year, it seems anything with more than a handful of copies out there has been pretty well documented. Still, the search goes on – even though there’s often diminishing returns in terms of the type of items left unlisted, it’s always a BIG vibe to come across some random small or no-label release that has yet to get a listing.

Here’s one that a friend found recently, which I also grabbed a copy of and put up a listing for Sunday evening. Despite being released in 95, the tracks here sound a bit more 92-ish to me. The flipside is a bit closer to 94 in break usage, but still quite low fi for that later year. One of those tunes is a ragga jungle tune, but with vietnam/war related samples (???), and the second track is a female vocal lead tune by someone named Adel.

Supposedly this label did a later release which is more DNB – never heard that one, but I grabbed a copy. It’ll be curious to hear if it’s in fact 96 style stuff or, as this record is, turns out to sound a bit earlier than its released year.

Also, total shot in the dark, but: in the unlikely event anyone who reads this site has some mystery “not on discogs” type 92-95 releases they’d be interested in selling / seeing featured here, please feel free drop me an email.

JB Collective – Move Ya Body!

3 Replies to “JB Collective – Move Ya Body!”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Really much appreciated!
    I thought this blog had become defunct, so is a nice surprise to see it still continues. 🙂

  2. Discogs – the curse of collectors! Bar the odd white label variation, it’s very unusual now to find a release that is unlisted on Discogs. I remember around 8 to 10 years ago, I’d be buying golden era jungle for no more than £10 to £12 quid, now for the same tune you get no change from £50+. C’est la vie. At least we now have the wave of represses but even those get stupid expensive…

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