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Colin B – Price of War

Wow, it’s been a year since I posted any individual tunes on blog to the oldskool. In fact, it’s been so long that when I went back to do a post, I was faced with this annoying new blog editing UI and ended up losing this post not once but twice. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm….

Before I start about the tune, for anyone curious why I haven’t posted any individual tunes as of the last 3-4 years, this interview tries to explain it a bit (3rd paragraph). Despite this, some tunes like this one are just SO obscure, and don’t have any audio or info online, so I figure it can’t hurt to post a little bit about them, asking for info like I did with my last post a year ago.

Anyway, on to the track at hand. I included “Price of War” recently in my Ragga Hardcore Vol 1 mix, and someone asked me for an ID on it. It’s definitely one of those tunes I’ve had for many years but have never ID’d since no one ever asked before. That’s a bit surprising to me, because I think this is a great little obscurity! Despite being in the top 1% of most unknown/obscure hc/jungle stuff, there’s nothing really ropey about this track. It’s just a nice vibey 92 style ragga hardcore number, with catchy vocals and music, plus some solid grimey breaks underneath.

One thing to note about this release: I’m not entirely sure the A side is just by Colin B. Right now, it’s listed as being by him but the actual text on the label says:




It would make sense that it was by Colin B if the second track were called “Pjct Unknown”, as it is currently listed on discogs. However, the second track seems to be just another version of “Price of War”. So, I’m not sure… was the second mix of “Price of War” named “Pjct Unknown”? Or maybe, is this EP actually by “Pjct Unknown & Colin B”? Hopefully someone who knows will see this and leave some info below.

Colin B – Price of War

The B side track, “Bad Boy Taboo”, is OK but not as strong in my opinion. It’s by JMC Productions, a cool mega-obscure hc production outfit (no idea if one person or more) who did a number of rare and obscure hardcore whitelabels I’ve got. The breaks and piano are a lot looser in that track, dare I say a bit too ropey for my taste. But this B side one is still a fun tune, and all the elements are decent.

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