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Audio Sculpture – U & Me

It’s been a while, so here’s another obscurity which doesn’t have audio up on youtube right now and which I’ve never seen anyone talk about. Tim and I have been playing it on radio for a few years now, and it’s gone over well but never has left anyone frantically scrambling for an ID. No idea about year, but the release says it was engineered by an “Arturo Fonsetta” at “Remax Studios”. No searches come up for that name, discogs or otherwise, so…????

Sample-wise “U & Me” uses a classic NWA sampel (“Hey Yella Boy, why don’t you rewind it?”). It also has what sounds like the Peech Boys for the main sample (“you and me….”), but I don’t recognize what accapella it’s from, so I could be wrong, or it could just be the same singer.

Any more info would be most appreciated. For now, enjoy the tune! And if you listened to BTTO Radio regularly, you would have heard about this one a few years ago 😉

(btw, for the record, at the time of posting this, there’s 20 haves and only 11 “wants” for this record on discogs… curious how much this goes up after some people hear it and it gets reposted etc)

Audio Sculpture – U & Me

7 Replies to “Audio Sculpture – U & Me”

  1. I might have to repost this on my blog –, and yes, the discogs scalpers will be on this one once it’s gotten more exposure. Every investor should have records in their Hedge Fund portfolio!

    BTW, very nice blog!

  2. Erm hi, I made this track with a friend. Arturo Fonsetta is Arthur Smith aka Artwork who helped us with the track

  3. Thanks for replying – cool to hear you worked on it! What year did you guys make this tune? Did you do any other similar stuff under other aliases?

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