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Trigger Happy EP (new 93-95 style hhc label)

Even though I don’t post much happy hardcore here, I’m definitely a fan of the earliest stuff, 93-95 or thereabouts. Enter Trigger Happy, a new label which is releasing new tunes in that style from semi-anonymous producers. I don’t post many new releases, but aside from the guy releasing it being a buddy, the tunes here are WICKED and have been stuck in my head the past couple weeks. Definitely one to nab, limited too if I remember right (no surprise there!).

DJ Cherokee – Headstrong

Here’s a nice never-before-released tune from 92 which I saw posted a few places (b2vos, discogs)… definitely worth nabbing while it’s available. Originally the artist wanted to do a limited vinyl press, unfortunately I don’t think the demand was what he wanted. As mentioned in the last post, 92 stuff doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was just a few years ago, with a lot of people focusing on later jungle. Still, this is a wicked track, and I’d definitely buy a copy if it ever made it to vinyl. For now, the artist has graciously provided WAV downloads, so I suppose anyone really committed to vinyl can get a dub cut.
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Persian Prince, Bizzy B & D-Lux – The Lost DATs Volume 1

Finally get to spill the beans about a really cool release done by Persian Prince, who I’ve posted about before here and here due to a number of wicked singles he did back in the day. For this EP, Persian Prince has tracked down some classic long-lost tunes on DAT, and pressed them in a super limited fashion – just 70 copies for sale. It’s the first in a series of releases he’s doing in this format, all of which are being done strictly for the love of the music. Despite the highly limited number (and high cost pressing so few), he’s keeping the release price quite low so any big fans of the tunes can grab it. Huge respect to him for doing this, I was lucky enough to receive a TP of this last month and have been playing it nonstop (even played it in a set in NYC). Hopefully some collab with 8205 might happen in the future, it’s been really great seeing an artist as keen as I am to get classic unheard tunes out there (with the added advantage that he was there actually writing some of these classic tunes back in the day!)

Now for the trickier part: how to get a copy. For this release, Persian Prince will be listing these for sale one at a time on discogs here. This is the easiest way for him to track stock for now and keep these manageable, so if you want one, my suggestion is to add the release to your wantslist and keep a keen eye out! I’ve got a feeling this one will go lightning fast.

Bizzy B, DJ D-Lux & Persian Prince – The Lost Dats 91 95 Vol 1

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FBD Project – Terminate / The Core Official Repress

More new release / bandcamp greatness…. it looks like Neil Trix is repressing “The Core” soon!! Def worth nabbing as the original is quite hard to find (there’s a black vinyl copy which is a bit cheaper but has been confirmed by Neil to be a bootleg) and these are two of the most essential hardcore tunes of the 92-93 era. Out to Nibber for the heads up on this, don’t sleep people!

Preorder The Core/Terminate Here

Tim Reaper – Need Money For Laptop EP

Tim Reaper just posted up a new EP of tunes to help fund getting his laptop fixed… I normally don’t post new releases much but he’s posted up tons of great tunes and has been involved w/ this blog for ages now, so, grab these tunes and throw the dude some money!

8205-002 “Dreadkiller” EP update

Hey all, been a while since I’ve posted anything about the Dreadkiller EP. I’ve got some good news and bad news.
The good news is: the test presses arrived, and are sounding nice:

Good quality tunes, big solid bass. The two bonus testpress copies have already gone out to the winners of the competition (Phil/DJ Extreme and Ben/Onken). We went ahead and approved the TP 8 days ago.

Unfortunately, the timelines for pressing plants continue to get crazier and crazier. When I first put together this release, we were quoted as 4 weeks for pressing once the TP was approved. I just found out that that has since gone to 8 weeks, since an anticipated drop off in order volume didn’t pan out and, if anything, MORE orders have been coming through. Plus, there was an extra week or two before we received the test press, though we approved and got it back as quickly as possible (over 2-3 days). These delays are unfortunately becoming a hugely common problem with the big plants now, since it’s not like they can simply order more pressing machinery to expand to handle the extra orders (record presses probably haven’t been manufactured in 30+ years).

The short of it is – The EP definitely won’t be ready end of November. I’m hoping it will be ready end of December now (in time for xmas), but it might be as late as first few weeks of January. Especially due to postal craziness around Xmas time, it’s just not clear.

Even though this is becoming an almost unavoidable occurrence these days when dealing with a lot of the big pressing plants out there, it still sucks and we’re not happy about it (I’m guessing all of you who preordered aren’t too pleased either!). With that in mind, I’m discussing with Simon regarding possible further preorder bonuses and incentives we CAN get out to everyone who already placed their order. Just to tide people over till the real release. We will keep everyone updated about that for sure, but in the meantime hold tight and at least know the record is off at the plant, tp has been approved, and it is in line for pressing.

Free Halloween Darkside Comp featuring FX, Tim Reaper, Sully & more

A couple weeks ago during my radio show, someone (PaweĊ‚?) asked if there was going to be a blog to the oldskool darkside mix for Halloween this year.
That got me wondering if, rather than just doing a set, I could pull together an entire compilation in time the holiday. I sent out a few emails seeing if anyone was interested, and 12 days later here’s the result: an 11 track free bandcamp compilation featuring a practical “who’s who” of throwback darkside jungle. All unreleased tunes, several written especially for the comp. What’s more, the last track was actually produced in 1993 by a well known jungle producer and two of his friends, but never completed / never released until now – a bonafide piece of long-lost darkside history!

To download the comp, click the “download” link below or visit

Big thanks to all the artists featured on the comp for contributing tracks. Apologies to any artists I may have missed contacting, or contacted too late for them to find a track… next year!
Finally, massive and large thanks to Macc at Subvert Central Mastering, who, due to the crazy time constraints of the release, managed to master the entire comp in one epic length session less than a day before release.

Bay B Kane – new Digital Reissues

I recently got pointed to these Bay B Kane reissues which have come out digitally. As much as I love and am focused on collecting vinyl, the fact is plenty of people prefer digital now, so it’s great that both classic Bay B Kane tracks and some unreleased tunes are making it to official digi-release. Even for people who already have the records, it’s great to get crystal clear copies of some of these tunes, as well as the never-before-released ones.

Check the releases below, each of which has a “buy” link contained within (click the “shopping cart” button, and check other digital shops since some of these are for sale in a few places). Also, check all previous Bay B Kane posts on this site, including a lengthy interview!

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Timeline (free 92-97 tribute comp)

OK, even though I don’t post many new releases, time to catch up with some really worthy cool ones which I’ve seen as of late….
I should probably apologize to the guy who put this out about not posting this earlier, I actually got sent some of these with the OK to post a track or two prior to release date, but hit a super busy week at work with no time to post at all. Also, some iffyness regarding what tracks I could and couldn’t post up… It’s since been released though and is a really cool FREE comp including notable artists like Manix(!!!), Cartridge, Tim Reapah, Taype (who reads this blog and sent me some cool tracks a couple years back), Earl Gray and many more. Each track is labelled as a “tribute” to a certain year. While the years/styles are generally congruent, to my ears there’s a little bit of variability – some stuff in year X sounds more like X+1 or X-1 to me, but regardless of this the track quality is really high especially for a free net release. One of the 93 tracks I even forgot was a new tune, listened back to in my radio show and was stumped as to what record I had played.

Definitely check this out, and check the blog which released it Two Hungry Ghosts for all types of great posts on music (dnb and otherwise), art, etc.
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New Bay B Kane curated jungle comp “Junglist Manifesto” out now

Mel Bay B Kane dropped me a line recently, regarding a compilation which he curated containing tunes based on his “have a break” sample CD on Whitehouse

If you haven’t read the interview I did with him a few years ago, definitely check it out here:
Bay B Kane Interview: Part 1  2  3

I took a quick listen and there’s some really nice tunes on here, including ones by my buddy Tommy FFF and another by the producer Phuture T. It definitely sounds like this was kept decidedly oldskool sounding, without may overt giveaways for updated production. Good for that, since the last thing I need to hear is a cheesy brostep remix of “hello darkness”…
There’s also a remix by Bay B Kane of a track by another artist on the label, which he’s giving away here:

Junglist Manifesto Single Download

The album is out now, available in all kinds of of digital stores… pick your poison below, or check your preferred site to see if they have it.