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Timeline (free 92-97 tribute comp)

OK, even though I don’t post many new releases, time to catch up with some really worthy cool ones which I’ve seen as of late….

I should probably apologize to the guy who put this out about not posting this earlier, I actually got sent some of these with the OK to post a track or two prior to release date, but hit a super busy week at work with no time to post at all. Also, some iffyness regarding what tracks I could and couldn’t post up… It’s since been released though and is a really cool FREE comp including notable artists like Manix(!!!), Cartridge, Tim Reapah, Taype (who reads this blog and sent me some cool tracks a couple years back), Earl Gray and many more. Each track is labelled as a “tribute” to a certain year. While the years/styles are generally congruent, to my ears there’s a little bit of variability – some stuff in year X sounds more like X+1 or X-1 to me, but regardless of this the track quality is really high especially for a free net release. One of the 93 tracks I even forgot was a new tune, listened back to in my radio show and was stumped as to what record I had played.

Definitely check this out, and check the blog which released it Two Hungry Ghosts for all types of great posts on music (dnb and otherwise), art, etc.

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