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New Bay B Kane curated jungle comp “Junglist Manifesto” out now

Mel Bay B Kane dropped me a line recently, regarding a compilation which he curated containing tunes based on his “have a break” sample CD on Whitehouse

If you haven’t read the interview I did with him a few years ago, definitely check it out here:
Bay B Kane Interview: Part 1  2  3

I took a quick listen and there’s some really nice tunes on here, including ones by my buddy Tommy FFF and another by the producer Phuture T. It definitely sounds like this was kept decidedly oldskool sounding, without may overt giveaways for updated production. Good for that, since the last thing I need to hear is a cheesy brostep remix of “hello darkness”…
There’s also a remix by Bay B Kane of a track by another artist on the label, which he’s giving away here:

Junglist Manifesto Single Download

The album is out now, available in all kinds of of digital stores… pick your poison below, or check your preferred site to see if they have it.


5 Replies to “New Bay B Kane curated jungle comp “Junglist Manifesto” out now”

  1. yeah its a little light on. I heard some absolutely killer mixes for this comp that didn’t appear. But I still bought the wav off juno hehe, some nice ones. But not enough choppage for my taste

  2. Yeah, this is a bit disappointing and the casual misogyny in the intro to the first tune is laughably juvenile. “I was lookin’ at London like it was some big gash ready to get mashed!” Really?
    I am not really into this new old school production but was expecting a little more from this, especially after hearing what Manix had done recently which gave me high hopes for this so called revival.

  3. First of all a big Thank you to Pete(Dj Devnull) for featuring this release even though this blog isnt about up to date releases so Nuff Respect for being a loyal friend.
    Secondly i feel the need to address a slight issue with
    Hardcore Phonography’s comment…
    “casual misogyny in the intro to the first tune is laughably juvenile. “I was lookin’ at London like it was some big gash ready to get mashed!” Really?”
    …Well the answer is Yes Really!..Because (funny enough) that sample is of a guy telling a story of how he personally felt when he was a likkle bwoy about the city we know and love called London!
    So i guess it would seem somewhat juvenile as he is talking about a time when he was a JUVENILE!
    Oh and just for the record…That track was the overall winner of the Have A Break competition.
    Bigup everyone all over the world supporting the many branches and styles of Jungle…Peace & Love.

  4. Well, as far as I can see there is no issue there just a statement of fact. I can understand you wanting to defend your artists and decisions but there is no issue there at all merely an observation. If you don’t think that it is a misogynistic statement, regardless of wether it be a memory being recalled or not, then I am slightly at a loss.

    I don’t intend to have some weird argument over it as I know that you post on here and knew that you would more than likely be aware of Pete’s article, however I find it odd that you take umbrage at my comment when it is not really slagging you off just making a statement of fact and expressing an opinion.

    I have been buying Jungle tunes since day one and support many styles and branches of Jungle, I just don’t happen to like this.

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