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DJ Cherokee – Headstrong

Here’s a nice never-before-released tune from 92 which I saw posted a few places (b2vos, discogs)… definitely worth nabbing while it’s available. Originally the artist wanted to do a limited vinyl press, unfortunately I don’t think the demand was what he wanted. As mentioned in the last post, 92 stuff doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was just a few years ago, with a lot of people focusing on later jungle. Still, this is a wicked track, and I’d definitely buy a copy if it ever made it to vinyl. For now, the artist has graciously provided WAV downloads, so I suppose anyone really committed to vinyl can get a dub cut.

There’s also a more recent remix he did, still sounding nice and in-line with the original (not a corny breaks revamp or anything hehe):

From the Discogs Listing:

Headstrong was written and produced by the DJ Cherokee (from Bolton, UK) in 1992.
Equipment: Technics SL1210, Ensoniq EPS 16+ Keyboard/Sequencer.

This track was never properly mastered or recorded for release.

However, it was played live on the Staffordshire radio station “Signal Radio” weekly show The Meeting of Minds hosted by New Dawn promotions, as well as on the Manchester dance station “Sunset 102” hosted by Sami B.
Stu Allan also appears to have been given a copy (probably on tape) that was played on the Manchester radio station “Key 103” that he hosted.

In addition, live performances were given at “Coco Savannah’s” in Stockport and at “Rockworld” in Manchester on the regular New Dawn promotions nights hosted at those venues.

The recording still resides with DJ Cherokee, as a digital master.

A Remix of the original was created in 2015 and has been added as an additional track to this entry.

Includes samples from:

Kelly-G Perfect Rhythm – Soul Fusion (Piano stutter)

NJoi – Mindflux (Bassline sample)

Neon – Waves (Wave sample)

Further info by the artist on discogs forum:

Some people might know that years ago back in 1992 I made a track that was never released but was played a few times live and on a couple of radio shows that were hot on the underground/rave scene. Recently, I had someone trace this back to me from some old radio tapes, and ask about getting hold of a copy (thanks to Sean). As a follow-up to conversations I’d had with some other people from ‘back in the day’, the interest made me think about doing a remix as I have most of the original samples, and I remembered the approach I took to making the original track in terms of the patterns, layers and sequences.

I am in the process of working on a remix and thinking of releasing the track as a AA 12″ on heavy vinyl. Original on one side and the Remix on the other. The Remix is pretty close to the original, in the old-school style but has some slightly reworked breaks and sequences (simply to get the track to flow a little better). Right now I’m really happy with how the remix is coming along after just a couple of days working on it.

If anyone would like a copy, please add the original to you want list! Depending on numbers, I will try to provide at a very good value (TBA) and let you know when it is available – I’m thinking within a few weeks if all goes well.

Hope this touches your inner hardcore spirit 😛
DJ Cherokee

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  1. Digging this post, but I’m a huge sucker ’92 stuff too! I didn’t realize 1992 material wasn’t as popular lately, such a shame!

  2. rememeber hearing and taping this on radio in 92, finallly got the id thought it had been released untill recently love it 🙂

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