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Persian Prince, Bizzy B & D-Lux – The Lost DATs Volume 1

Finally get to spill the beans about a really cool release done by Persian Prince, who I’ve posted about before here and here due to a number of wicked singles he did back in the day. For this EP, Persian Prince has tracked down some classic long-lost tunes on DAT, and pressed them in a super limited fashion – just 70 copies for sale. It’s the first in a series of releases he’s doing in this format, all of which are being done strictly for the love of the music. Despite the highly limited number (and high cost pressing so few), he’s keeping the release price quite low so any big fans of the tunes can grab it. Huge respect to him for doing this, I was lucky enough to receive a TP of this last month and have been playing it nonstop (even played it in a set in NYC). Hopefully some collab with 8205 might happen in the future, it’s been really great seeing an artist as keen as I am to get classic unheard tunes out there (with the added advantage that he was there actually writing some of these classic tunes back in the day!)

Now for the trickier part: how to get a copy. For this release, Persian Prince will be listing these for sale one at a time on discogs here. This is the easiest way for him to track stock for now and keep these manageable, so if you want one, my suggestion is to add the release to your wantslist and keep a keen eye out! I’ve got a feeling this one will go lightning fast.

Bizzy B, DJ D-Lux & Persian Prince – The Lost Dats 91 95 Vol 1

Note: There’s some serious painful digital glitching in the latter part of the clip above – nothing like this is on the released versions of these tunes. If I remember right the Persian Prince tracks might have a bit of it, but nothing unplayable like in the clip above.

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