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Bay B Kane – new Digital Reissues

I recently got pointed to these Bay B Kane reissues which have come out digitally. As much as I love and am focused on collecting vinyl, the fact is plenty of people prefer digital now, so it’s great that both classic Bay B Kane tracks and some unreleased tunes are making it to official digi-release. Even for people who already have the records, it’s great to get crystal clear copies of some of these tunes, as well as the never-before-released ones.

Check the releases below, each of which has a “buy” link contained within (click the “shopping cart” button, and check other digital shops since some of these are for sale in a few places). Also, check all previous Bay B Kane posts on this site, including a lengthy interview!

One Reply to “Bay B Kane – new Digital Reissues”

  1. So glad to see new unreleased material by this amazing producer. As the Animaniacs would say, Helloooooooo Darkness!

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