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Tag: crazy

Rob Base + DJ EZ Rock – Break of Dawn (In the Jungle)

Here’s a little something different for the blog… recently I nabbed a few cheap mid 90’s records (eurodance, hiphop, etc) with jungle remixes on them, from that couple year bubble when jungle first blew up internationally and all sorts of mainstream stuff had a jungle remix. I figured they’d mostly be crap (at least when…

Harlequin – Fuck You And Your Family

It’s Christmas Eve, rather than posting an X-mas track like Santa Hardcore and the 7 Midgets, here’s a totally crazy 95 amen smasher for people who don’t see their family much and are currently being reminded why. Some aggressive choppy intro beats lead to a vocal snippet of Robert Deniro from “the Untouchables”, crashing into…

Vicious Crew – No Politics Vol. 2

Tonight’s tune is some seriously chopped hardcore/jungle from a crew of 3 producers, including someone related to the Ibiza/Noise Factory records camp: Big Vern aka Colin Biggerstaff. Colin also did EPs on Boogie Beat, Camden Tunes, World Bass, etc. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the first Vicious Crew EP, it’s good but…

The Junglist – Aliens Pt. 1

Here’s a jungle tune from 94 which sounds more like something from 1992… super low fi choppy breaks + heavy heavy bass. I’m not sure if this is by the same “The Junglist” as on F Project, as the production doesn’t really sound that similar. The Junglist – JSI001 B2