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Rob Base + DJ EZ Rock – Break of Dawn (In the Jungle)

Here’s a little something different for the blog… recently I nabbed a few cheap mid 90’s records (eurodance, hiphop, etc) with jungle remixes on them, from that couple year bubble when jungle first blew up internationally and all sorts of mainstream stuff had a jungle remix. I figured they’d mostly be crap (at least when not done by a legit jungle artist), and, well, a lot of em were pretty bad… but there was some interesting stuff in there too!!

Here’s a weird one, especially for my buddies from faster tempo scenes… a remix of a less-than-amazing Rob Base + DJ EZ Rock track from 95, where the original 90-100bpm hiphop tune is doubletimed up into a 195(!) bpm jungle track. What’s more, it supposedly features Daddy Freddy… though in an incredibly frustrating twist, the track actually FADES OUT right as his part is kicking in. It’s pretty confusing, I could understand if this was from one of those 5-6 track a side vinyl comps where each track fades out and is an “edit” in order to squeeze them on the vinyl, but this is from the main pressing of this EP (on Club Tools), and checking various other releases with this remix, it seems like they all have the same track time listed on discogs (the time of this version w/ the fadeout), so I’m not sure what happened with this tune…

Either way, definitely an interesting track. And it’s not every day you hear a 1995 195 bpm chopped amen remix of a mainstream hiphop track … so here you go!

Rob Base & EZ Rock – Break of Dawn (In the Jungle)

6 Replies to “Rob Base + DJ EZ Rock – Break of Dawn (In the Jungle)”

  1. That’s just a completely bizarre tune. I dont think the vocals go with the tune at all, its just…….just weird. Maybe there was a copyright problem when it came to the daddy freddy section.

  2. I’m really enjoying this. The horns kind of give it a jaunty feel, and I think the vocals do actually fit. Would happily rinse this out in a faster / more jokes jungle set

  3. Oddly not one of the worst examples of jungle! Would be interesting to hear the same thing done to their classic ‘It Takes Two’, not least to hear how the ‘huh – whoa’ bit at double speed.

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