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CMC – Techno Drome

Here’s a totally mental favorite from 92, on the Ibiza sublabel Limited E Edition. It just popped to mind because someone from Well Rounded Records posted a youtube video that happened to be the the main sample source for the track:

I always thought the end of the sample sounded like it was saying “mother – fucker!”, so it’s fun to find out it actually came from the Muppets.
I’m not sure which DJs if any spun this out back in the day, I know I’ve IDed it for someone from a mix before, but I think it was from a somewhat more recent dj mix. Regardless, mental choon, thanks to Well Rounded for posting the original sample!

CMC – Techno Drome
/blog/audio/CMC - Techno Drome.mp3

2 Replies to “CMC – Techno Drome”

  1. ahhhh yeah, the muppets are in there all right!! amazing. they got they’re white gloves on and theyre comin on strong. tune is nuts!! never heard this b4 and i was about a bit in the ardcore daze. nice one!

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