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Harlequin – Fuck You And Your Family

It’s Christmas Eve, rather than posting an X-mas track like Santa Hardcore and the 7 Midgets, here’s a totally crazy 95 amen smasher for people who don’t see their family much and are currently being reminded why. Some aggressive choppy intro beats lead to a vocal snippet of Robert Deniro from “the Untouchables”, crashing into some of the most brute force crazy low-bitrate amens I know of… not necessarily the most intricately sequenced, but just brutal chunky maximal break parts beating you over the head again and again. This one’s been a set-ender of choice for me recently, good for going out with a bang. Merry X-mas, will try to at least get one more post in before the new year.

Harlequin – Fuck You and Your Family

6 Replies to “Harlequin – Fuck You And Your Family”

  1. i dropped this one at a jungle battle between FUTUREBOUND RADIO LA and ROUGH ‘N’ STRONG… ended my set with it…got a biiiig OOOOOOH from the crowd when the “FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!” sample came on….
    definite banger and for the rite price!!!!

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