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Bunjy & Cridge – Dopin’ Em Up!

OK, so this one will definitely NOT be up everyone’s alley… it’s some SERIOUSLY grimey low fi stuff. This EP makes Dance bass / Bogwoppa sound like big studio rave anthems in comparison. Also, I have to admit that the low fi / dodgy nature of these tunes isn’t entirely compensated for by the song quality in all cases. However, I really like this track – starts off pretty straight forward, then part way through beats start reversing and stuff starts to get crazier and crazier. There’s also a good stompy 4/4 track on the other side of this EP which makes it worthwhile. But yeah, this one is more for the obscurity crew than general listeners.

Bunjy & Cridge – Dopin’ em Up!!!

4 Replies to “Bunjy & Cridge – Dopin’ Em Up!”

  1. really digging this one. (spot on with the bogwoppa/dance bass comparison, btw.) hearing it the other day, i instantly headed to discogs to learn more about it, which in turn led me to discover this “Shaka Vibrations Vol. 1” record (’93) from the group ‘Un Deux Trois Inc.’ that Bunjy had a hand in. it was love at first listen, and i immediately snatched up a copy. definitely on the same tip. i highly recommend.

  2. Glad to hear it! I checked that one out but never got around to buying a copy, will have to check the clips again!

  3. great stuff… Bunjy and Cridge after this release went on to dj at all the uk raves, Cridge toured with the Prodigy etc…. they still dj about now. hardcore history right there !

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