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X Rated Cru and DJ Red Ant – Never Say Never

Here’s one for the ragga jungle fans who check this site… based on my google stats, that’s quite a number of you! It seems there’s still a pretty huge following for ragga jungle, tons of younger kids who aren’t particularly huge oldschool collectors in general but who just start throwing piles of money at records if there happens to be a ragga acapella on top. Case in point: the “Ganja Plant” track I posted here a while back, which recently went for $90+ on ebay for the original single. Despite that, there’s plenty of EPs like this which are somewhat underrated (3.3 rating on discogs) and cheap. This EP was released on Hi Pois’n, a solid if not spectacular jungle sublabel of Boogie Beat. I was somewhat indifferent to it first, but “Bokal Blood” won me over with the choppy eddie bo break. “Never Say Never” features the “It’s the way” acapella as in Tim Taylor – The Way and D’Cruze – Lonely

Ricochet – Never Say Never
Red Ant & Fly – Bokal Blood

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