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Europe Trip Finds, vol 3 – more bargain bins

Continuing with stuff I grabbed in europe, here’s a nice jungle obscurity that only goes for a couple euros… no date for it on discogs, but based on the sound it’s almost definitely from 94.

Siege – Deep (Part I)

The next is something I grabbed in Madrid, Spain… Overdrive isn’t exactly my favorite label, they mostly have more stompy 4/4 hardcore techno records (though the C-Tank Nightmares are Reality records are pretty tight). Easygroove played a few in his sets back in the day but… there’s not so much on that label for the breakbeat hardcore fan. However, this is kind of a neat record. The A side walks the line between being stompy and breakbeat-driven. It’s by the same crew that did Radagain / One From the Posse / More From the Posse (arguably some of the better early german breakbeat hardcore stuff).

Fast 4 Motion – Hardcore Base Line
It’s got the Prince “let’s go crazy” sample as well as the “funky in the place” and “bass line” samples used on the NRG “Feel the Fury” EP.

Apologies for the crackling and distortion at the end of this track, no idea if it’s the record, or if my needles have finally gone, or if it’s my sound card… going to buy some new needles tonight and defrag my drive, so tommorow’s post should be back to sounding OK.

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