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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – June 30th, 2013

Here’s last Sunday’s radio show… by and large better than the last two shows I think. I spent more time going through picking stuff from my whole collection: some more well known tracks, stuff I’ve posted to the blog (linked below), some obscure b-side favs, etc. It starts off a bit ravey, gets dark and deep for a bit and ends with ragga jungle stuff.

Dev/Null – Blog to the Oldskool Radio June 30th 2013


Origin Unknown – The Touch
Flex – Hold Back
Original DJ Vibes – Set Me Free (Jungalistic Mix)
Bay B Kane – Because of U
Drastik Plastik – Stress
Vibes + Wishdokta – Breakin Thruy
Underground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown
Digital Pressure – Watch Dis Space
Pascal Sponge – Red Face
Ed Rush – Touch Me
N__e F____y – All Crew
Jump Up Crew – LB32
2 Bad Mice – Drumscare
Distroi + Boykz – Satan
Raveology – Cymbols of Raveology
Freestyle + DJR – R.A.W.
Underrhythm – Moving
? – ?
Mad Ragga Jon – Time to Kik
MI5 – Experience
Kemet – Learning From my Brother
Cool Hand Flex – Ride On
Light n Dark – Consciousness
Bass Influence – Bass Riddim
DJ Crystl – Deep Jungle
DJ Phantasy – Yeah, Roll The Beats
Appaloosa – Unplugged (Chaos & Julia Set Mix)
Mix Race & Pro-ton Isospace – Endless Skies
Swift + Zinc – Dark Side of the Moon
Bounty Killaz – Brighter Future
? – ?
Dillinja – Deep Deadly Subs
? – ?
Good, 2 Bad and Hugly – Got 2 Release
Mo2Vation – Animate (X-Plain Mix)
B.V. – Vision
Johnny Jungle – Killa sound
X-Amount Crew – Get Your Body
DJ Massive – Dancehall Massive Pt 1
Bounty Killer & Beenie Man – Borderline Mobster Drum & Bass
The 2 G’s – Hunt and Seek
Harlequin + Sultan – It’s Over

6 Replies to “Blog to the Oldskool Radio – June 30th, 2013”

  1. What’s the song after Red Face and before the “All Crew” tune? You’ve got Ed Rush – I wanna Stay in the Jungle, but this isn’t what comes up on youtube. Is it a different track off that EP maybe?

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