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Mo2Vation – Animate (X-Plain Mix)

For as many years as I’ve been collecting this music, there’s always still some big singles that end up completely eluding my notice, or turning out to be something which I didn’t give enough of a chance to the first time I heard it. Here’s a perfect example – someone from another blog wrote to me asking for an ID based on some vocal snippets. I couldn’t remember it (though I swore I had it on vinyl), so I posted the question up on B2VOS, and got a few replies. Aside from the the track which I was thinking of, someone also mentioned this other track, which I had never heard before and which turned out to be wicked!! It’s part of a 5 track EP by Mo2Vation, who did the much more in-demand Animation EP w/ Apex that seems to be on everyone’s want list. He also did some releases with L Double under the name Drum + Bass. This track has some classic vocals matched up with well diced stop-start lucky spin style breaks. This whole EP is smilarly nice and not too hard to find… there’s currently 4 unplayed copies on Ebay with “buy it now” set at 7.5 GBP.

Mo2Vation – Animate (X-Plain Mix)

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