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Aphrodite – Put the Fucking Record On

Back to some 92 grimyness….. Here’s a really early tune by Aphrodite, from a compilation EP containing several other artists plus one (maybe two) additional Aphrodite track(s). The other tracks are so-so but it’s all about the Aphrodite tunes on this EP, this one in particular. It might well be one of his earliest tracks, and you can hear a number of samples also used in Urban Shakedown releases plus that same glorious no-fi amiga sound as on the Moonwalk EP. I wouldn’t necessarily bring this track out around oldskool novices or people used to modern shiny studio production, but something about the changeups just really work for me. Plus it’s got that loon sample as used in Demon’s Theme, though it certainly sounds a bit different in the context of this tune!

Aphrodite – Put the Fucking Record On

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