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Digital Pressure – Watch Dis Space

I’m back! still getting stuff sorted in my new place, but intronets is on and I have a stack of records staring at me dying to be listened to / ripped. Speaking of which… If anyone has any suggestions how to best dampen vibrations under a crappy belt drive turntable, I now have a separate old setup just for rips, but can’t type or do anything while playing records or else they skip (all metal + glass table = super unforgiving). You can hear it a bit on this rip, but these aren’t meant to be perfect rips to replace the records so I’m going to leave it as is for now.

Anyway, here’s a track somebody mentioned a while ago in the comments, which was by a group I’d been meaning to check out for ages.. SDR & Subsonic. These guys have done a TON of 93-95 jungle singles which I’d seen around but never heard, so I finally nabbed their juice box EP when I happened to find it for cheap… and I’m glad I did. This single has 3 amen workouts, all dark choppy stuff with reversed and filtered bits. My favorite track is the A side – it features the same “no sound effect” vocal sample used in Nebula II – Xplore-H-Core, plus an absolutely massive twisted up rave synth that drops 2 mins in.

Digital Pressure – Watch Dis Space

7 Replies to “Digital Pressure – Watch Dis Space”

  1. Have you tried the tennis ball method to dampen the deck vibrations? Will only work if the deck has got feet similar to a Technics deck

  2. Technics dampen vibration due to the solid aluminum/rubber body…try and imitate that. Put the turntable on something nice and solid (a couple thick books, and use the half-tennis-ball-on-each-foot trick to emulate the rubber. Or just buy a piece of foam rubber and put that under the books.

    Thanks for the music.

  3. You have made my year posting this track up right on to discogs brought it out right. been looking for this for years

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