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BV – Vision

This is one of those personal favorites I’m a little reticent to post since it’s not an easy/cheap tune to find and isn’t so widely known. Luckily for you guys, I ripped this a while back and am too sick/busy/lazy today to rip something else, so up it goes. “Vision” is a deep 95 amen smasher by Big Vern who also did the Vicious Crew – No Politics EPs along with quite a few other great jungle eps (check that link for a better writeup on him/his other tunes). While the beats are well done in this track, it’s all about the music and atmosphere for me… a lengthy intro with creepy bells and pads, the classic “bad bwoy” ragga vocal sample firing away ontop, some layered think/cold sweat breaks keeping things tidy until the amen madness finally kicks in around 1:20… those main amens here are a bit trebbly, but that leaves plenty of room for some BIG sub bass booming away underneath and for it to build to eventually layering in the think+coldsweat intro breaks alongside the amen. Actually, I kind of wish all the breaks dropped together at once for maximum effect right at 1:20, but the way it’s written gives the track room to progress so that by the end it’s going pretty damn insane (layers of breaks pitching up and down, etc). Definitely one to look for!

BV – Vision

3 Replies to “BV – Vision”

  1. i freekin love this trak, the flip side is the one for me but both are proper toonz, still yet to get this on vinyl!

  2. Holy smokes, I just learned about your blog and I’m head over heels. Your recordings are super high quality. Props for preserving this important music.

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