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Drastik Plastik – Stress

This tune exemplifies the kind of stuff I like posting on this site the most: not your standard choppy amen tracks, but earlier more “out there” hardcore tunes. Frantic synth parts, tempo changes, drastic changeups, “where the hell did THAT come from?!!” samples. Drastik Plastik did a few other EPs, this tune is probably my favorite track by them though… not much else to say since I have no idea who they were, just that they released 3 eps on their own label. Enjoy!

Drastik Plastik – Stress

4 Replies to “Drastik Plastik – Stress”

  1. It also samples Cheech and Chongs Marijuana sketch and an old Suburban Base track, (Keep the Fires Burning synth riff?) and a whole load of other tunes. Not sure where the Midas Touch vocal comes from though.

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