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Jungletrain radio show 4/25/2012 – mp3 and tracklist

Here’s a recording of the full 2.5 hour jungletrain radio show last night, April 25th 2012. All in all, I was very happy with how this show went – I spent more time before the show picking stuff instead of just mixing whatever happened to be in the crates nearest my turntables, which I think paid off. The show started with stabby 92 hardcore, uplifting but nothing too happy or cheesy. After a while, it moves into more deep and dark tracks, toggling back and forth a bit while getting darker and darker. There’s a bit of a diversion through tracks from the blog, until finally around 1:41 that happy hardcore set I warned about touches down… starting with classic oldskool (SMD1), moving up through a lot of my favorite tracks through about 1998. No tracklist for this part since I’ll probably rerecord this with more tunes as an official mix sometime soon. Finally, I had a bit of extra time so by request I chucked in a couple dutch gabber tracks and 2 classic german tunes.

Thanks for those who tuned in. I’m not sure what I can do to remind people about this radio show, thinking of making an email list but for now the easiest way to remember (aside from just knowing it’s every other Wednesday) is to join the facebook group listed on the right, or follow the twitter account @blog2oldskool. I try to really not spam too much but I give a notices a day or two before, day of, and then right when the show is starting.. as well as posting random other stuff of interest.

Track Listing:

Goldseal #1 – A
Wardance – B1
Raving Mad – Addicted (Remix)
Psychoacoustic – Wot Are We
New Era – Remix
Bass Selective – Make Me Rush
EQP – Prophecy
Drumatix – Crank Dis
DJ GT & Rob E – Point Zero
Acen – Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion Remix)
The Good, Two Bad & Hugly – Give Into Love
? – ?
Krome & Time – This Sound is For the Underground
Two Undercover – Unite
Ascendant Masters – Put the Bassdrum On
Overdog – Fuck You Up
Undergrond Frequency – Meltdown Pt 2
Ramos & Supreme – The Journey Pt 1
4 Hero – Students of the Future
Wax Doctor – Herbal Techno
DJ Seduction – Feel So Good
Dark Voice – Dark Night
Fozbee & Cooz – Really Real
Unknown Artist – Trancedance EP
Dillinja – From Beyond
DJ Phantasy & Gemini – I Feel Free
Unknown artist – ?
Rhythm For Reasons – Arabian Knights
Citadel of Kaos – A1
Category 3 Featuring Clarkee – Transposer
Secret Squirrel – Commence With the B Line
Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos
DJ Aka – Farside
Chris Energy – My Vision is Clear
X-Men – My Sound Rule
Adam F – Pressure (Mix 1)
Sub Sequence -State of Mind
Criminal Set – Time Lord
TMR Inc – Sample City
Interception – Let Me Know

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