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Criminal Set – Time Lord

Here’s a wicked single on One Nation Records. No idea about the artist or engineer, but One Nation also released a couple of tight Bizzy B Eps. The A-side of this is a solid amen track, but this B-side tune is the one that wins it for me – an insane glorious mess of a tune, countless layers of breaks, rave synths, bleeps etc. all mashed together, seemingly ready to fall apart at any moment. I realize this one won’t be up everyone’s alley, but, oh well… serious EP in my opinion!
Bonus points for the Dr. Who reference title.

Criminal Set – Time Lord

8 Replies to “Criminal Set – Time Lord”

  1. This is definitely my cup of tea.. Brutal sample madness with frenzy beats.. :))) Great upload, mate!

  2. Thanks for mentioning this tune….I am one half of Criminal Set (the other being Tariq Ahmed!).
    It’s great that a track we produced back in 93 on a little AKAI S950 and Atari ST is still being recognised. I’ve found it on YouTube and it even gets a mention on a Wikipedia page on the origins of Darkcore!!!!!!

    I’m starting to think it may be worth doing a comeback 18 years on!!!!

    Thanks for the great responses guys!!!!

  3. Cool, glad you found this site! were those the only 2 hardcore tunes you had released back then, or did you do any others under different names? Any other unreleased tunes from then kicking around on DAT still?

  4. Thanks Pete…..bit of a late reply, but yeah, was the only release for Criminal Set…..somewhere there’s a load of TDK 90’s floating about with tonnes of tracks on…..would love to find them! I went on to write and produce in loads of genres…..Hip Hop, Soul, House under the name KONKRETE Productions….. Working on a dubstep/dance project called Black Ice at the mo…….

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