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DJ AKA – Farside

Here’s one of my favorite 93 tracks… moody hardcore/jungle with tasteful orchestra stabs, brooding soundtrack ambience and fantastic sharp choppy drums layered perfectly by Pete Parsons. There’s a breakdown halfway through where you can practically hear the more euphoric 92 sounds of hardcore melting away into 94 darkside, as the classic “rush!” and “do it now!” vocal samples are answered to with a monstrous “no!!!!”. Excellent stuff, no idea why this single isn’t more appreciated..

Does anyone know what that main snappy break is called / where it’s from? I think i’ve heard it in a few other tracks.

DJ AKA – Farside

5 Replies to “DJ AKA – Farside”

  1. oh yes…fully agree.
    Always been one of my favourites, just musically brilliant. Never understood why it was never mentioned much or sought after.
    Loved a lot of the soapbar releases, ‘dark in the jungle’ etc, but this is possibly my favourite

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